Many types of adaptive recreation are available in Springfield—golf, swimming, bowling, billiards, exercise classes, cycling, fishing, boating, etc. A major provider of accessible facilities and programs is the Park District which even has adaptive golf carts at its four public courses. Pools with lifts are available in the parks as well as at the YMCA, which offers adaptive aquatics, exercise classes and bowling. Special Olympics and Senior Olympics programs provide training and competition in a wide range of sports. Springfield also has 15 miles of paved bike trails and several accessible campgrounds including one on the State Fairgrounds. There is even a center for therapeutic riding at nearby Pawnee.

Good to Know

All disabled veterans, resident or non-resident (10% service-connected), and any resident who is legally disabled or blind (specifically, with a Class 2O or 2A card) may sport fish in Illinois without a license. For residents 65 years and older, annual sport fishing licenses are half price. Children less than 16 years of age, resident or non-resident, fish for free. State campgrounds also offer discounts to veterans and residents with disabilities as well as older residents. For full details on the IL Disabled Outdoor Opportunities program, visit or call 618-439-9111 ext. 257.