While the various hotel zones have a good variety of accessible chain restaurants, the best locally-owned eateries are mostly downtown including Maldaner’s, Augie’s Front Burner, and Saputo’s. Local favorites in the southwest are Fritz’s Wagon Wheel, Mariah’s and D'Arcy's Pint. The latter is a popular spot for a horseshoe and a draught beer after work so come early or wait. For a great fish dinner, try the Chesapeake Seafood House, set in a historic home in the northeast. Their buffet lunch and early bird specials draw residents and visitors on a budget.

At lunchtime the Feedstore packs in a crowd for its healthful soups, sandwiches and salads. Its prime location facing the Old State Capitol is shared by Robbie's next door, which has a seasonal outdoor patio right on the plaza. Robbie's features live jazz on Friday evenings while Trout Lily Café, a fun, artsy coffee shop around the corner on Sixth Street, presents local bands at lunchtime. Café Andiamo on the same block makes a mean cappuchino and delectable pastries.

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All restaurants listed have the following features/policies (except where noted):

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance, hallways, tables and restrooms
  • Server will read menu on request
  • Menu available online

Please note:
An access specialist with Open Doors Organization surveyed the properties listed. This is not a complete list of all the accessible restaurants in Springfield and their listing in this guide is not an endorsement by Open Doors Organization.

The access features reported in this guide are not intended to reflect compliance with any local, state or federal building codes or guidelines. It is not the intent of this guide to certify or guarantee that the businesses and properties listed meet any of the required accessibility codes and laws.