How To Use This Site


This site has 7 Main Topics which always appear in the header at the top of the screen. These 7 Topics are divided into Sections which in turn are divided into Pages. Page navigation is on the left, Section navigation on the right. To move to the top of the current Page, click the link at the bottom of the Page. To move to another Page or Section, click the item desired on the left or the right, respectively. One can also scroll down through the Pages in each Section. To move to another Topic, click the item desired on the header.

Search Features

The site has full searchability for only two Sections, Restaurants and Lodging. The Advanced Search feature allows you to easily identify properties that meet your specific needs. Just click the characteristics desired and then the Search button. The resulting properties will appear in the form of a list. To see full access information for any property on the list, just click its "Access Details" link. To return to the list, click "Back" on the Toolbar.


Properties and Resources listed on the site each have a web address, where available, which takes you directly to their website for further information.