Hiking/Biking Trails

Springfield, IL
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Springfield currently has 3 paved trails, two in the southwest and one in the southeast, with additional sections planned. Maps are available online.

Interurban Trail

This 7-mile, tree-lined recreational trail begins at the corner of Wabash Ave. and MacArthur Blvd. on Springfield's southwest side. It follows the abandoned interurban railroad right-of-way south to the town of Chatham across farm land that is mostly flat. The asphalt surface trail is open year-round to bicyclists, wheelchair users, skaters, joggers, and hikers. There is designated accessible parking at Wabash Ave. and S. Park St. behind the Sonic Drive In. This parking lot serves both the Wabash and Interurban Trails which connect via a sidewalk.

Wabash Trail

The Wabash Trail extends 3 miles across Springfield’s southwest side. The paved trail begins at Wabash Blvd. and Park St. and runs southwest to Robbins Road. The trail passes by Vredenburgh and Westchester parks which have parking and other facilities and could also be used as trailheads. The Wabash Trail is mostly flat and great for wheeling and hiking. It connects to the 7-mile Interurban Trail via a sidewalk.

Lost Bridge Trail

The Lost Bridge Trail, which links Springfield with the town of Rochester 5 miles to the southeast, is built on the old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line. This asphalt trail, bordered by woodland and prairie, is open year-round. The topography here is hillier with the steepest slope at the Springfield end as the trail descends to the lake. A brochure from the Springfield Park District shows vertical elevations along the trail. The Lost Bridge Trail begins at the parking lot south of the IL Department of Transportation at 2300 S. Dirksen Parkway (Cross St.: E. Ash). Designated accessible parking is available.